BJ starring in Captain Pickles Saves the Day

Captain Pickles is BJ's super hero alter ego that first appeared in Barney's Sense-Sational Day.


In this form, BJ wears a green cape with a pickle on the back. He also wears a green mask and wings attached to his shoes. In the Season 9 episode "Let Your Creativity Fly!", Captain Pickles got his own song. He is also named after BJ's favorite food: Pickles.

BJ's Appearances as Captain Pickles


Baby Bop with "Captain Pickles"

  1. Barney's Sense-Sational Day
  2. Barney's Halloween Party
  3. Dance with Me
  4. Let Your Creativity Fly!
  5. Fun with Reading
  6. Lights! Camera! Action!: A Movie Adventure
  7. The Amazing Captain Pickles: A Hero Adventure


  • In Stick with Imagination!, BJ used the name "Captain Pickles" while pretending to be a pirate, with no relation to his super-hero persona.