Carlos is a character on Barney & Friends played by Corey Lopez. He debuted in Barney Live! In New York City, and only appeared in Season 3

About Carlos 

Like Tina and Luci, Carlos and his little brother, Juan, who was played by Michael Krost, are of Mexican descent. Even though he and Juan are brothers, they are only seen together in two episodes of Season 3; If the Shoe Fits... and Any Way You Slice It, both of which Min appeared in. He also has a cat named Fluffy and a bowl of goldfish (named Super, Dee, and Duper; a pun on Barney's famous phrase) for pets as seen in Our Furry, Feathered, Fishy Friends.

Family Life  

Carlos has his little brother Juan, his mother, his father, and a grandmother in his family, as mentioned in the episode "Room for Everyone". He had painted a picture of himself and his family in the same episode.


  1. Barney Live! In New York City (first appearance)
  2. If the Shoe Fits...
  3. Room for Everyone
  4. Shopping for a Surprise!
  5. Any Way You Slice It
  6. A Welcome Home
  7. Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends
  8. It's Raining, It's Pouring...
  9. Are We There Yet?
  10. Ship, Ahoy!
  11. Up We Go!
  12. Once Upon a Time
  13. Barney's Sense-Sational Day (final appearance)


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