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The Crocker family: (left to right) Carlyanne, Carter, Claire and LuAnne.

Carter Torbett Crocker (born April 5, 1957 in Alabama)[1] was a writer of the Barney franchise who started in 2006. He replaced Stephen White as the head writer starting in 2006.


Crocker is an author of, "Last of the Gullivers," which has been published by Penguin-Putnam. Previous novel, "The Tale of the Swamp Rat," was a Book Sense pick. Has written, edited, or developed animated series and longform videos. Has received two daytime Emmys for writing and a Humanitas Award as story editor. Has worked at Disney, Warner Bros., HIT, DIC, Moonscoop, VEE Corp., Kickstart, among others. He has worked on films and other franchises such as Sofia the First, The Jungle Book 2, Return to Neverland, Winnie the Pooh, and more!

Personal Life

Carter Crocker is married to his wife Claire and has two daughters by the name of Carlyanne and LuAnne.

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