Catch That Hat!
Author Mark S. Bernthal
Illustrator Bill A. Langley
Publication date June 1, 1997
Published by Little Golden Books
Publication Order
Preceded by
Barney's Book of Boats
Followed by
BJ and Scooter
Catch That Hat! is a book released in 1997. It was written by Mark S. Bernthal & Illustrated By Bill A. Langley.


One windy day, Barney and BJ were flying kites in the park. Suddenly BJ pointed to the big clock and shouted, 'I've gotta go! I promised to meet Baby Bop at the playground at 12:00, when the big hand and little hand both point to 12. I don't wanna be late!' But just then the wind blew BJ's hat high into the air.


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