Barney & Friends Episode
Circle of Friends
Season 5, Episode 4



Air date November 5, 1998
Written by Heidi B. Kirby
Directed by Jim Rowley
Theme Circle Shapes
Helping Friends
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The One And Only You

"Circle of Friends" is the fourth episode from the fifth season of Barney & Friends.


Barney and the children all have fun with circles when they play ring-around- the-rosie and have a circle snack picnic. Meanwhile, BJ is having a snack of his own; he eats so many pancakes that he gets a tummy ache. Every time he sees a circle or something round, it makes him think of the pancakes, which makes his tummy hurt all over again. Barney and the children try to do things to help him feel better. In the end, they all agree that there are lots of things shaped like circles that make up our world. Barney tells the children about a very special circle: a circle of friends.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Ring Around the Rosie
  3. The Yum Yum Song
  4. The Tummy Song
  5. Laugh With Me!
  6. When You Have a Ball
  7. I Can See It on Your Face
  8. Painting the Shapes
  9. You Can Count on Me
  10. I Love You


  • This marks the first episode, since Barney Songs, to be directed by Jim Rowley.
  • This is another time something happens to the Barney doll before coming to life. It was when Hannah puts the Barney doll at the center of the hula-hoop as she and the others play a game of "Ring Around the Rosie". After they sing "we all fall down", Barney comes to life.
  • This is the second time that Barney gets stuck in a hula hoop. The first time was in "Twice Is Nice!".
  • This is first time BJ gets a stomach ache. He would later get another one in "BJ's Snack Attack".

International Edits

  • In some international versions, this episode was shortened.
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