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Barney & Friends Episode
Classical Cleanup
Season 3, Episode 10
Air date June 13, 1995
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Bruce Deck
Theme Helping Friends
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"Classical Cleanup" is the tenth episode from the third season of Barney & Friends.


After Baby Bop accidentally makes a mess in the classroom, Barney and the kids help clean up so that Mr. Boyd doesn't miss his concert.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Tom, He was a Piper's Son
  3. Chopsticks
  4. Classical Crash
  5. Clean Up
  6. A Silly Hat
  7. The Tiger Song
  8. Please and Thank You
  9. Alphabet Song
  10. This is the Way
  11. The Clean Up Clock
  12. I Love You


  • This episode marks Mr. Boyd's first appearance on the show. 
  • Due to a still shown in Barney Safety, it may have been planned to include the Clean Up song scene from this episode. During production, it was later changed to the scene Playing It Safe.