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Constanze grew up in Munich, Germany, then moved to the United States to work as a Script Supervisor on feature films like Jets, On the Turning Away, The Others, Invisible Temptation (1996), and numerous others, as well as the television series L.A. Heat and commercials for Adidas and Keystone Beer.

She learned her trade by studying with Hollywood-acclaimed Script Supervisor Bob Geary and perfected her talent by working constantly. The continuous offers of projects built Constanze's script-supervising credits to over 15 feature films and commercials in five years. In 1998 she was hired by the Ken Christmas Group, a boutique Management and Consulting firm, to serve the company as a Junior Manager. While at KCG, Constanze's client roster was built at times of up to 10 actors and actresses, including Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, NYPD Criminal Intent). Constanze also held the title of Assistant to the Producer on several feature films, including Steal This Movie, directed by Robert Greenwald. In 1999 she moved back to her home country of Germany, where she worked as a Producer on several independent productions including a short film, a feature film and a documentary for television.

Shortly after returning to the United States in mid-2000, Constanze started working for Lyrick Studios in Dallas, Texas; their best-known properties are Barney and Friends, Wishbone, The Veggie Tales, and The Wiggles. Constanze held the title of Creative Development Coordinator/ Assistant to Producer and worked closely with one of the producers of the long-running, award-winning PBS television series Wishbone.

In early 2001 Constanze made the move back to freelance work. She has successfully worked numerous broadcasts, training videos, and commercials. She currently holds the title of Freelance Associate Producer/Producer/Writer and expects to work on many more video and life-broadcast productions over the next few months. Her clients include but are not limited to: LETN, McGraw Hill, Sisco Systemsm and IBM. She was also just recently contracted for 40 new episodes of Barney and Friends, which will go into production on November 1, 2001.