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Corre, Brinca, Salta y Canta
Barney 3 Corre.jpg
Soundtrack album
Released April 15, 2002
Length 30:57
Label Tycoon • HIT
Produced by Sheryl Leach (exec.)
Dennis DeShazer (exec.)
Kate Rafferty Keinig
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Corre, Brinca, Salta y Canta is the tenth Spanish album from Barney, released on April 15, 2002 under Tycoon Music and HIT Entertainment.

On April 10, 2020, the album was transferred to Warner Music Group's Arts Music division, along with other Barney albums, as Mattel entered into an exclusive, multi-year global music licensing agreement between the company, announced on May 1, 2020.[1]

Corre, Brinca, Salta y Canta is the Spanish version of Run, Jump, Skip and Sing. Unlike the original album, the songs on this album were taken from Spanish rerecordings of songs from Barney Home Videos and Barney & Friends episodes. It is the sixth Spanish Barney album to have an English counterpart


  1. Jay Jo, Jay Jo, Jay Jo (Audio Taken from: "A Royal Welcome")
  2. Juguemos juntos (Audio Taken from: "Try It, You'll Like It!")
  3. Trabajo en el Ferrocarril (Audio Taken from: "First Things First!")
  4. Canción de la marcha (Audio Taken from: "The Exercise Circus!")
  5. Ta ra ra boom de ay (Audio Taken from: "Easy, Breezy Day!")
  6. La tierra de la imaginación (Audio Taken from: Walk Around the Block with Barney)
  7. Juegos (Audio Taken from: Barney's Fun & Games)
  8. El puente de Londres (Audio Taken from: "A Royal Welcome")
  9. Ríe conmigo (Audio Taken from: "Circle of Friends")
  10. Boom boom (Audio Taken from: "We've Got Rhythm")
  11. ¿Qué podemos jugar en un día lluvioso? (Audio Taken from: "It's a Rainy Day!")
  12. Si estás feliz y lo sabes (Audio Taken from: "Brushing Up on Teeth")
  13. Voz interior y exterior (Audio Taken from: "First Day of School")
  14. Había una vez (Audio Taken from: "Once Upon a Time")
  15. Melodía de los panqués/Hago el pan/Hágame un pastel/Melodía de los panqués (repetición) (Audio Taken from: "Books Are Fun!")
  16. Como desearía (Audio Taken from: Barney's Magical Musical Adventure)
  17. Vamos a una aventura (Audio Taken from: "A Very Special Mouse")
  18. Los ruidos raros (Audio Taken from: "Brushing Up on Teeth")
  19. Los osos subieron a la montaña (Audio Taken from: "Going on a Bear Hunt")
  20. 5 mariposas (Audio Taken from: "Once a Pond a Time")
  21. Para Jugar Contentos (Audio Taken from: "First Things First!")
  22. Te quiero (Audio Taken from: You Can Be Anything, without Barney's vocals)


Credits for Corre, Brinca, Salta y Canta adapted from the CD pamhplet and episodes of the television series.

Managerial and creative




  • Don Clark - mixer, master
  • Carlos Agoshi - mixser, master


Chart (2019) Peak Position
Mexico Top Children's Music Music Albums (iTunes) 84[2]

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Various April 15, 2002 CD HIT • Tycoon
March 1, 2012[3] digital download HIT
April 10, 2020[4] digital download • streaming Mattel • Arts


  • Despite the album stating that production was under David Bernard Wolf, none of the songs on this album are under his arrangement. It's a possible goof as the english counterpart was under his arrangements. The songs on this album have the arrangements of Joseph Phillips and Bob Singleton.