David Voss headshot

David Voss, the original performer of Barney

David Voss (born June 6, 1968) is an actor and was the first costume actor for Barney.

In 1990, he entered the military as a Cavalry Scout where he was based in Mannheim, He was succded in the role by David Joyner He returned to the show in 1994 doing various crew work (such as being an Assistant Performance Director, Character Wrangler and or Dance Captain for some live shows), untill the production shut down in 2011. His most notable roles during this time was being the balcony double for The Winkster and portraying the character of Litterbot.


Year Title Role Notes
1988-1990 Barney & the Backyard Gang Barney Costume Role
1994 Barney Live! In New York City The Winkster Performed as the Balcony Double for the role
1999 What a World We Share Mime
2000 Barney's Super Singing Circus Clown / Teddy Bear
2001 Barney's Musical Castle The Sign Uncredited
2003-2004 Barney's Colorful World! Starfish
2006 Barney Live! - The Let's Go Tour

Blueberry Muffin Man
2007 Barney & Friends Litterbot / Monkey Episode: "Litterbot",

Episode: "Riff's Musical Zoo"

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