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Debra the Delivery Lady

Debra is a delivery lady who only appeared in "Walk Around The Block With Barney".

About Debra the Delivery Lady[]

Debra the Delivery Lady delivers all the orders from the school and the neighborhood. Every person that Barney and the children met while visiting the neighborhood received orders from her.

She delivered the following for the school: textbooks (for teachers), jumpropes (for gym class), ketchup (for the canteen), and pencils (for students/the principal).

After Barney and the kids helped Debra with the boxes, she gave them a surprise which were a bunch of leftover boxes from the delivery center where she worked and she tells the kids that it is theirs to keep. Eventually, BJ and the kids turned these leftover boxes into a make-believe neighborhood at the end of the video.


  1. Walk Around The Block With Barney (only appearance)


  • The sound of her truck has the same horn as Butch, and Ivan from Thomas & Friends.
  • She really has to finish delivering some of the boxes with no address labels on them, so Barney and the kids helped her out.