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Dennis Lloyd DeShazer (born November 27, 1963 in Richardson, Texas)[1] is an American producer best known as being one of the co-creators of the Barney the Dinosaur franchise, having involvement and producing the video series Barney & The Backyard Gang and its successor Barney & Friends, alongside creator Sheryl Leach and co-creator Kathy Parker. DeShazer executive produced Barney & Friends from when production started in 1991 until 2000 when the series went on a brief hiatus.

Early Life[]


DeShazer was a Southern Methodist Graduate.[1]


DLM, Inc.[]

DeShazer was a video writer[1] and producer at DLM, Inc.,[2] an educational publishing company owned by Richard C. Leach. DeShazer was producing videotapes about how to buy and sell real estate at the time.[3]

Barney the Dinosaur[]

DeShazer was later recruited by Sheryl Leach (Richard's daughter-in-law) to help her and Kathy Parker develop the video series Barney & the Backyard Gang where he was a producer. He served as an executive producer for The Lyons Group.[4] 1992 saw the launch of the worldwide popular show Barney & Friends where Dennis was the executive producer alongside Kathy and Sheryl (until their departures in 1993 and 1998 respectively). Dennis helped oversee the production of 128 episodes of the series and numerous other Barney productions such as home videos, stage shows and a feature film. Dennis' final year with the franchise was 2000 when he left and was succeeded by Randy Dalton in 2001 during the production of season seven.

Boz the Bear[]

In 2003, DeShazer, alongside Jon Green who worked at Lyrick Studios, co-founded founded Exclaim Entertainment, LLC to produce quality family entertainment with a Christian perspective. The project they worked on through the company was Boz the Green Bear.[5]



  • DeShazer came up with the name Barney.[6]