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Ding-Dong! Where's Barney? is a 2010 children's Play-a-Sound picture book that was published by HIT Entertainment and Publications International, Ltd.


The Ding-Dong! Where s Barney? Play-a-Sound Book allows little readers to ring the attached toy doorbell again and again as they follow BJ on a hide-and-seek search for Barney. BJ and his friends set out on a musical adventure as they search for Barney in a pet shop, at Baby Bop's house, and in other places, ringing the doorbells to gather everyone together for the hide-and-seek search. Each of the friends brings a prop that makes a fun sound. Sure enough, Barney can t resist the silly music. Based on the characters in the popular Barney and Friends TV series, this book features Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff.





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