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Dino-Mite Valentine's Sing Along is a crossover special that originally aired on Sprout on February 14, 2010.


Barney and Dorothy the Dinosaur (of The Wiggles fame) celebrate Valentine's Day together, sharing gifts and singing songs from Barney & Friends. The two dinosaurs hosted segments that would play in between episodes of their respective shows: Dorothy the Dinosaur and Barney & Friends.




Barney the Dinosaur and Dorothy the Dinosaur

Segments were reused throughout the three hour block, so songs were sung more than once (I Love You, like on the TV series, was sung at the end as well (in a separate segment), hence why it's listed twice). Here are the songs in order of performance:
  1. I Love You
  2. If You're Happy and You Know It
  3. A Friend Like You
  4. Best of Friends
  5. Being Together
  6. The Dino Dance
  7. Everyone is Special
  8. I Love You (Reprise)


  1. It's a Happy Day! (2002)
  2. Caring Hearts (2004)
  3. The Alphabet Zoo (1993)


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