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Donna Cooner (born in Lake Jackson, Texas) is an American author of various books and a writer for various PBS television shows. Her work includes being the author of Skinny and being a writer on Barney & Friends from the fourth to fifth season.

Early Life and education[]

Donna Cooner was born and raised in Texas.[1] She graduated from Brazoswood High School in 1977. She is a three time graduate of Texas A&M University, earning her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, her master’s degree in reading literacy, and her doctorate in educational administration.[2]


Cooner’s career as a writer began during her time as a teacher. Reading aloud to her classes, Cooner quickly saw the impact of books on her kindergarten and third grade students. She was launched into the world of children’s books after writing for the PBS television show Barney and Friends and the series’ spin-off books. After publishing over 20 children’s books, Cooner stepped away from creative writing and moved into nonfiction, writing books and articles focused on research and education.

Following several years of nonfiction writing, Cooner returned to the creative world in 2012 with her debut young adult novel, Skinny, a book about a high school girl who struggles with her weight and finds solace in singing. The positive response to Skinny surprised Cooner, who wrote the book as a way to capture some of her own experiences with self-doubt.

Personal Life[]

Cooner currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a now a professor and university administrator at Colorado State University.[3]

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