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Dylan Crowley (born April 15, 1993 in St. Petersburg, Florida) is an American actor who played Alex in The Land of Make-Believe.

Life and Career

Crowley was born April 15, 1993 in St. Petersburg, Florida. He attended St. Paul's Catholic School for elementary school.

Barney & Friends

Crowley was only ten years old when he got the role of Alex for the home video, The Land of Make-Believe. While on set for the video, he was known to have a crush on co-star, Montana Tucker, who portrayed Serena the Mermaid. The two did chat over the internet for a few hours a day while filming. Tucker is said to be one month older than Crowley.[1]

Before and soon after his acting debut on Barney, Crowley is known to be in films such as Stronger Than Daylight (2006), and Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (2004).[2]