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"Eat, Drink And Be Healthy!" is the fifth episode from the first season of Barney & Friends.


Barney and his friends discover they have plenty of "food for thought" as they learn about nutrition. Discovering the four food groups and the importance of eating healthy snacks allows Barney, Baby Bop, and their friends to have fun together. An imaginative rhyming story tells about the perils of being a picky eater. A friend of Barney's sings a humorous song about meals that would "bug" most diners. Special songs and lyrics reinforce the lesson that eating healthy foods is the right thing to do.

Stories: "The Noodle Boy"


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Aiken Drum"
  3. "Mish Mash Soup"
  4. "Apples and Bananas"
  5. "Peanut Butter"
  6. "The Milk Song"
  7. "Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow"
  8. "Silly Supper"
  9. "Snackin' On Healthy Food"
  10. "I Love You"


Home Media[]

This episode was released on VHS by Time Life Video.


International edits[]

In the international version, "Peanut Butter" and "The Milk Song" were cut.


Hachaverim Shel Barney[]

  • The Barney doll is nowhere to be seen at the beginning of this episode.
  • When Barney and the kids tell Ido how important it is to eat healthy, a boom mic can briefly seen.
  • Baby Bop can be seen standing in a corner of the classroom before she was supposed to arrive.
  • Barney notes his favorite food as hummus as opposed to peanut butter.
  • The person who stops by in this version is Israeli actor Sharon Tzur.
  • All of the songs in this version were a semitone lower except for the "Barney Theme Song".


  • This episode marked:
    • The first time Barney isn't seen or heard coming to life.
    • The first time a guest appears on Barney & Friends.
    • The first time Barney and the kids sing the whole "I Love You" song together.
    • The first time Barney is holding an object while transformed back into his doll form, in this case being a carrot.
    • The first time Shawn's name is said. The person who was the first to say Shawn's name was Michael.
    • The first time Shawn appeared with Luci and Baby Bop.
    • The only time "Mish Mash Soup" was sung in E major.
  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase, "Eat, drink and be merry... ".
  • Although Kathy doesn't appear in this episode, her teddy bear is seen in her cubby.
  • According to this episode, everyone's favorite food is as follows:

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