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Esteban Grossy Paradela (born July 3, 1962 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is an Uruguayan director and Barney's costume performer in Latin America since 2003, he has created all of Barney musical productions in Latin America, including the Pocket Shows.


Mr. Grossy wrote a script for what would be a play based on Spiderman and in September 2003, he traveled to Dallas, Texas with Pablo Alejandro Glättli to begin training to be a body performer for Barney and began to perform as Barney in 2004 in a Pocket Show called El Sing Along de Barney.

Months later, Grossy Paradela and Pablo Alejandro Glättli wrote what would be their second Barney stage production called El Parque Musical de Barney y sus Amigos, which was a success in Latin America and the Caribbean. From there, they devoted themselves fully to Barney with more successes to come, such as the Latin American version of Barney's Big Surprise in 2005 to 2006 and many more.

In 2008, Grossy Paradela wrote a new Barney live show for Barney's 20th Anniversary, this show was called Barney's Space Adventures which was quite a stir until it was adapted into an English version in 2010, being a total success, after that he created Una Tarde con Barney y Sus Amigos, currently he continues to practice as artistic director in different projects.