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Fisher-Price is an American company that produces toys for infants and children, headquartered in East Aurora, New York. Fisher-Price has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since 1993. In addition to Barney, they have produced toys for brands such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and fellow HIT Entertainment brand Thomas the Tank Engine.

History with Barney

In February 2001, at the same time as the Lyrick Studios acquisition occurred, Mattel acquired the Barney license, taking over from Hasbro. The initial toys were released in early 2002. The line continued to be released in the US and Canada until 2004 and in the UK until 2005. Jakks Pacific's "Child Guidance" and "Play Along Toys" got the rights to Barney in 2007 and 2008 respectively, ending Mattel's ownership of the license in those territories. Outside the UK, the US, and Canada, Fisher-Price continued to produce Barney toys all the way up until the late 2000's.

In January 2018, Fisher-Price had once again released new Barney products, owing to their parent company's ownership of HiT Entertainment. Initially released in Target stores in the US, this range of Barney plush is aimed at both young kids and parents who grew up with the purple dinosaur.

Barney Products

  • Silly Hats Barney (2002)
  • Magical Friend Barney (2002)
  • Inflatable Big 'n Silly Piano (2003)
  • Baby Barney line (2004-2006)

2018 Range


In Barney Goes to School, one of the toys in the classroom is a Little People School Bus. Another Little People bus is used in Barney's Adventure Bus, with Barney transforming it into his own life-size bus.