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Grady Spears (born August 28, 1968) is a well-known cowboy cook who only appeared in the episode "Trail Boss Barney" which was a part of the eleventh season of Barney & Friends.

In the respective episode, Spears can first be seen with Riff preparing the food for the picnic Barney and his friends were going to have in the episode. Once Barney and the others arrive, Riff introduces Spears to everyone. Due to everyone being hungry, Spears asks for help setting up the table so the picnic can begin. As the others set up the table, Spears continues to prepare the food he's making, which is chili.

Spears eventually allows Barney to stir so he can get assistance with adding a few more ingredients (such as the salt, brown sugar, and chili powder). Later, as the gang discussed about working together on a ranch, Spears explains that his job is to keep everyone fed so they can continue to do their respective jobs.

Once everyone has been fed, Spears acknowledges that the chili he made was the best he's ever made thanks to the help he received. Everyone thanks him.

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