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"Grown-Ups For A Day!" is the eighth episode from the second season of Barney & Friends.


Barney and the children pretend that they are working with different careers.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. A Silly Hat
  3. The Rocket Song
  4. The Weather Riddle Song
  5. Had A Little Rooster
  6. The Dance of the Reed Flutes (Instrumental)
  7. Entrance of the Gladiators (Instrumental)/Skater's Waltz (Instrumental)
  8. Four Little Ducks
  9. Jingle at the Window
  10. Clean Up
  11. I Love You


  • A picture from this episode would later be seen in "On the Move".
  • The opening and closing song played during the puppet show is "Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik. The song played during the middle of the puppet show when the clowns are on the seesaw is "Skater's Waltz" by Émile Waldteufel.
  • Tina wears the same clothes that she did in Barney's Magical Musical Adventure.
  • This is the only time Shawn and Min appeared with Tina wearing her cast.

International Edits

  • Four Little Ducks was not in any dubbed or re-produced versions of this episode.