Barney & Friends Episode
Guess Who?
Season 11, Episode 13A
Air date October 3, 2007
Written by Karl Geurs
Directed by Steven Feldman
Theme Halloween Costumes to Wear
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"Guess Who?" is the first part of the thirteenth episode from the eleventh season of Barney & Friends.


Everyone is excited for Halloween tonight! Everyone knows what they're gonna be for Halloween. BJ is gonna be a pirate, Melanie is going to be a cat, David will be a superhero, and Baby Bop is gonna be a Ballerina Princess. Everyone has decided on a costume all except for Riff. Barney tries to give him ideas on a costume like a sailor, a firefighter, or a dancer. That night, everyone finds Riff wearing a one-man band costume. Then, the Halloween party starts!

Barney Doll Guess Who

The Barney Doll from Guess Who?


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. What Shall We Make Today?
  4. What Should I Do?
  5. It's Halloween Night Tonight
  6. A Friend Like You