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Hannah Elizabeth Nall Owens (born January 3, 1991 in Keller, Texas) is an American freelance musician. Owens played Emily on the children's television series Barney & Friends from seasons five to six.


Barney & Friends[]

Owens had an agent for local commercials, and begged her parents to let her attend the open casting call for Barney & Friends at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. Her mother was unsure, but her father approved after Owens continued to inquire about the casting call. Owens was at the age of seven when she started on the show.[1]


During her audition, Owens sang "I Love You", unknowing she would sing, and eventually landed a callback. Her audition lasted less than twenty minutes. Following her first callback, there were many auditions to follow. In her second audition, she danced.[1]


When Owens began filming for Barney & Friends, she felt intimidated due to not knowing the amount of people it took to produce the production. When filming for Barney & Friends, she learned how to communicate more like an adult. Owens continued to be on Barney & Friends until it went on hiatus after the sixth season.[1]

Personal Life[]

Barney & Friends[]

Prior to being on Barney & Friends, Owens was a huge fan of the show. She had Barney plushies when she was little. Owens admitted that she got made fun of for being on the show.


During her time on the show, her school made her withdraw every time Owens would film. It was also during Owens time on the show that her teacher convinced her second grade class to view her Barney & Friends episodes.[1]




Personal Life[]

  • Watching herself on Barney & Friends made Owens critical of herself for the first time.
  • Her younger brother would watch Barney & Friends, and notice Owens on the television and in the room alongside him. Confused, Owens' mother explained to him as to what was occurring.[1]