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This article is about the season 1 episode. You may be looking for the 2014 Episode Video.

"Happy Birthday, Barney!" is the twelfth episode from the first season of Barney & Friends.


After singing "There Are Seven Days", the kids find out that it's Barney's birthday, and he's turning two hundred million-years-old, or two dinosaur years. Everyone then plans a special birthday party for Barney, with songs, games, decorations, and of course, cake. Min and Tina also take time to explain how birthdays are respectively celebrated in Mexico and The Philippines, and they sing birthday songs from both places. After giving Barney her teddy bear, Kathy learns that presents aren't the most important thing of a birthday; it's the thought that counts. Barney makes a special birthday wish for all his friends to join him at the birthday party, and of course, it comes true. Everyone ends by singing "I Love You", and they continue to celebrate from there.


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "There Are Seven Days"
  3. "Growing"
  4. "Las Mañanitas"
  5. "Maligayang Bati"
  6. "Frosting the Cake"
  7. "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"
  8. "Roses are Red"
  9. "Everyone is Special"
  10. "Happy Birthday to You"
  11. "Same Song" (instrumental; march)
  12. "Hey, Hey, Our Friends Are Here"
  13. "I Love You"


International edits[]

  • Although the song, "Hey, Hey, Our Friends Are Here", appeared as an underscore when the balloons dropped, it was not sung. 
  • The song, "Frosting the Cake", was not sung in the Israeli version either, although it appeared as an underscore when the birthday cake that has decorated came to life.
  • Also, the Spanish version excludes Min's Filipino birthday song and Tina's explanation on what "Feliz cumpleaños" means (since this was being dubbed in Spanish to begin with). Instead, Tina says, "Feliz cumpleaños, Barney." and it cuts to the cake scene.


Hachaverim Shel Barney[]

  • During the last verse of "There Are Seven Days", magic sparkle dust is used when Dana stops at the cake with Barney's name on it appears on the calendar, which indicates that today's his birthday.
  • The birthday crown is already bigger when the magic sparkle dust appears after it's placed on Barney's head.
  • Barney and the kids don't use the growth chart in this version.
  • Baby Bop was seen standing in the classroom corner before she was supposed to magically arrive.
    • When she magically appears, the heart-shaped box that is on the table is nowhere to be seen.
  • Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids play Twister during the montage of them playing party games.
  • During "Everyone is Special", Dana and Amir bump into each other.
  • At the end of that version, the frame doesn't freeze. Also in the same scene, Penny Abraham's neck can be seen when Baby Bop's head comes off a little but quickly falls back down.

Home media[]

This episode was released on VHS as Barney's Birthday on September 2, 1992.


  • This episode marked:
  • This episode is revealed that Barney is now two hundred million-years-old (two dinosaur years).
  • When this episode aired, the Barney Fan Club gave members the chance to send in birthday cards for Barney via Fan Mail.
  • This episode contains the whole children's cast from season one, as Tosha is the only exception, as she joined the cast after this episode was filmed.
  • Luci wears the same shirt she wore in "My Family's Just Right For Me".
  • Min wears the same dress in "A World of Music".

Barney Theme Song[]

  • A promo shot of the cast hugging Barney in the second-to-last scene is shown during the "Barney Theme Song", until Tosha joined the cast where it was changed. This is notable to this episode as all the children are wearing the same outfits from this episode in the scene.

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