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Hasbro, Inc. (or simply referred to as Hasbro) is an American multinational conglomerate holding company founded in 1923 and headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The company has over forty worldwide locations. Hasbro was originally founded in 1923 by Henry, Hillel and Herman Hassenfeld as "Hassenfeld Brothers". The name Hasbro is a syllabic abbreviation of the original name of the company. Hasbro is known to deliver products in relation to gaming, consumer products and entertainment worldwide.

Hasbro owns the trademarks and products of Kenner, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, and Wizards of the Coast, among others.




In 1992, Hasbro was named the master toy licensee for Barney & Friends[1] signing $100 million for the toy deal.[2] It was confirmed in December 1992 that Hasbro would be introducing Barney toys to its Playskool line in February 1993.[3] That same year, Barney products started to be released through the Milton Bradley Company division.

Products took in an estimated $500 million that same year. Revenues from Barney products were estimated to have generated more than $130 million that same year, before falling to an estimated $30 million the following year, due to over-saturation of the Barney property.[4] The Barney license shared the blame for a fall in Hasbro's stock, which closed at $31.625 on the American Stock Exchange on October 19, 1994, up $1.125 on the day, but down from a high of $40 in 1993.[4] With the market oversaturated by Barney products within the 1990s, it forced Hasbro to warehouse 250,000 unsold Talking Barney toys.[5] In 1995, Hasbro marketed 140 Barney products, down from 160 in 1994.[4]

Under Habsro, Barney products peaked in 1997, when Barney became the eighteenth best-selling character license globally. In 1998, products fell to number nineteen in sales. In 2000, Barney video games were published through the Hasbro Interactive subsidiary while the license continued to fall; this time to number forty-three.[6] In February 2001, at the same time as Lyrick Studios was being acquired by HIT Entertainment, Hasbro lost out on the new Barney toy license deal. The deal was instead secured by their competitor, Mattel.[7][8]



Alan Hassenfeld shakes hands with Barney at Toy Fair

Alan Hassenfeld, chairman/CEO of Hasbro at the time, greets Barney at Toy Fair during a party held for him in New York in February 1999 in honor of Barney's 10th Anniversary.


In honor of Barney's 10th Anniversary, Hasbro was helping Lyrick Studios, owners of Barney at the time, produce a television special titled Barney's Hollywood Surprise that was scheduled to air in 1999 followed by a video release for this in 2000.[9] The project was never released.




Kid Dimension[]

Kid Dimension was a manufacturer of children's toys (including baby and toddler toys) and is notable for producing Barney Merchandise as early as 1992. Their range of products included plastic figures, bubbles, paints, and a line of Barney Vehicles. Under the division was Child Dimension, which was a trademark of Kid Dimension.

Image Name Date Description
Barney Arts & Crafts 1993 Remember how much fun you had as a child, coloring painting and creating your very own "works of art"? Now kids can have a "super-dee-duper" good time with Barney's arts and crafts activity line...a complete assortment of art supplies for drawing, painting, designing and all kinds of creative fun. Kids will enjoy expressing their creativity and achieving a sense of accomplishment while sharing their imaginative ideas with their loveable purple dinosaur friend, Barney. It's a "stu-u-upendous" way to play! Those two wonderful dinosaurs Barney and Baby Bop join children for lots of coloring fun! Kids will love creating imaginative pictures with these friendly playful characters!

The line includes products such as a smock, crayons and sponge brushes and rollers.
Barney Gift Pack 1993 A gift pack featuring Barney and Baby Bop! Stu-u-u-pendous! Your favorite dinosaurs are putting on a show just for you! So get ready for a "Super-ee-duper" time with Barney and Baby Bop as they fill your day with fun!
Gift pack includes:
  • Waiting for Santa VHS
  • Two poseable Barney figures and a poseable Baby Bop
  • Baby Bop's School Bus and Barney's Fire Engine from the "Barney Vehicles" line
Bendables 1993 Barney and Baby Bop are ready for lots of fun adventures to share with you! Bend them or pose them any way you want. Collect all six Bendables for a new twist on fun.
Bounce Back Pals 1993 A "Super-Dee-Duper" friend for baby! Barney is on one side while Baby Bop is pictured on the other side. Soft, inflatable friends for baby. Inflatable Barney and Baby Bop make a delightful jingling sound as they bounce back and forth.
Foot Jingles 1993 These soft, adorable Foot Jingles are decorated with the lovable Barney and Baby Bop characters! Each fabric sock fits comfortable on baby's foot and rattles with every gentle movement.
Fun Splash Sprinkler 1993 Barney splashes in his pool as he showers kids with fun! C'mon in - the water's fine! Barney makes a splash on hot summer days as he swims around the pool, showering kids with fun! To use, simply attach BARNEY'S FUN SPLASH SPRINKLER to any standard garden hose, turn on the faucet and the spinning water spout sprays a refreshing stream of water. It's's's super-dee-duper!

Instructions & Images

Fun-Time Barney & Baby Bop 1993 Toys within the line include:
  • Barney
  • Baby Bop
  • Top Hat Barney
  • Baseball Barney
  • Beddy Bye Baby Bop
  • Ballerina Baby Bop
Barney Infant Floor Gym
Infant Floor Gym 1993 A colorful floor toy with soft textures, friendly characters and a peek-a-boo mirror!
Musical Jack-in-the-Box 1993 Turn the crank for a fun surprise...and up pops Barney before your eyes!
Peek 'n Play 1993 Peek 'n Play is a barrel of rollin', tumblin' fun featuring two of your child's best friends, Barney & Baby Bop! With colorful balls that jingle and roll inside the durable, soft tube, Peek 'n Play will delight baby with sight, sound and tumbling play!
Push-Along Vehicles 1993 Get the fun rolling with Barney and Baby Bop Push-Along Vehicles! Each free wheeling vehicle makes a clicking sound as it rolls, and has a unique rocking or popping action for an extra special surprise.
Radio Control Wagon 1993 It's "stu-u-upendous" fun for kids and their adorable dinosaur friend Barney! Children love to make Barney zip along in his cute, colorful wagon! An easy push of the button makes the wagon spin around or roll along, so preschoolers can enjoy radio control fun - with their pal Barney along for the ride!
Talking Baby Bop 1993 Talking Baby Bop is similar to the other vinyl figures released by Child Dimension, with the exception of being slightly larger. Two variants of Talking Baby Bop were released: a Baby Bop holding her yellow blankey, and a pajamas-clad Baby Bop with her blankey. Each version says two unique phrases when their belly is pressed.

The standard variant says:

  • "I'm Baby Bop!"
  • "I like you!"

The pajamas variant says:

  • "Please tell me a story!"
  • "Night-Night!"
Talking Barney 1993 Talking Barney is similar to the other vinyl figures released by Child Dimension, with the exception of being slightly larger. Two variants of Talking Barney were released: a yellow shirted Barney, and a pajamas-clad Barney. Each version says two unique phrases when their belly is pressed.

The yellow-shirted variant says:

  • "Hi! I'm Barney!"
  • "I love you!"

The pajamas variant says:

  • "Remember to brush your teeth!"
  • "Goodnight, sleep tight!"
Vehicles 1993 Vehicles within the line include:
  • Barney's Cement Mixer
  • Barney's School Bus
  • Barney's Fire Engine
  • Barney's Taxi Cab
  • Barney's Utility Van
  • Barney's Ice Cream Truck
  • Barney's Construction Vehicle
  • Baby Bop's Birthday Mobile
  • Baby Bop's Fun Mobile
  • Baby Bop's Wrecker
  • Baby Bop's Roadster
  • Baby Bop's School Bus

Trivia: This line would eventually be rebranded by Playskool, a subsidiary of Hasbro, and re-titled as Die-Cast Vehicles in the mid-90s. When Playskool distributed new vehicles, they included the character of BJ.

Wrist Jingles 1993
  • Specially designed for babies too young to hold a rattle
  • Easily fastens around wrist or ankle
  • Makes a fun rattling sound with slight movement
  • Comes in two designs of either Barney or Baby Bop

Milton Bradley[]

Milton Bradley (MB) was an American board game manufacturer established by Milton Bradley in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1860. It became a division of Hasbro in 1984. When the company was purchased by Hasbro, it merged with Parker Brothers, another Hasbro division, to be reincorporated as Hasbro Gaming.

Image Name Date Description
Barney Light & Learn
Barney Light & Learn 1993 Now your child can practice simple object matching with that loveable dinosaur, Barney!

Inside, you'll find twenty different activities featuring Barney and his friend, Baby Bop. Just touch an "answer dot" with the tip of the Barney Wand. If you're right, Barney's light blinks and he makes a happy sound!

There are two skill levels, so younger and older Barney fans can enjoy the fun and challenge of Barney Light & Learn!
Barney Memory Game 1993 Find the most pairs of matching pictures of Barney & his friends.This game is designed to teach and encourage memory skills to young children. Players try to make pairs of the 72 cards that feature pictures of Barney and Baby Bop. When all the pairs have been matched, the players count up their score. The player with the most pairs of cards wins the game.

Box Art/Game Board

Barney Waterfuls
Barney Waterfuls 1993 Ready for some deep-sea fun with your favorite dinosaur buddies? Pick a partner - either Barney or Baby Bop. Now push your WOOSH button to float the pearl into your partner's shell. The other player does the same in this fast-action game!

Score a point whenever the pearl floats into your shell. If you're first to score ten points, you'll win!
Puzzles 1993-2000 Put the puzzle pieces together to form a complete picture of Barney and his friends!
Barney Memory Game 1997 Memory fun with Barney!

Can you remember who's hiding where? It's fun to find matching pictures of Barney, Baby Bop and BJ, pair by pair! Just flip over cards, two at a time, trying to make a match. If you find the same two cards, you keep them! Find the most pairs and you're the winner!


This game would later be re-released for Spanish and French territories under the name Barney Juego de Memoria / Jeu Mémoire in 1999.

Barney - Follow the Egg Game
Follow the Egg Game 1998 Join Barney and pals on a very special adventure!

Share the magic of Barney in this colorful egg hunt! Choose a pawn - Abby, Cody, Marcella or Miss Goldfinch. Then move it along the path by spinner color. When you reach a Magic Egg space, spin the wheels and press a dot with the electronic Barney wand. If Barney lights up and makes a happy sound, collect an egg taken!

Each egg taken is more colorful than the next. The last egg shows something special - Twinken! Can you reach the Finish Space first to win?
Barney First Fishing Game 2000 This game is similar to "Hungry Hungry Hippos". The game features a plastic "pond" with paddle triggers for each player. Players begin hitting their paddles making the fish wiggle and flop in the air, trying to get their color fish to land in their area.

Parker Brothers[]

Parker Brothers was an American toy and game manufacturer. In 1991 it became a Hasbro brand and eventually and merged with Milton Bradley to be reincorporated as Hasbro Gaming.

Image Name Date Description
Barney Balloon Race Board Game 1993 Players race across the board to join Barney the Dinosaur in his hot-air balloon and go for a ride. If you pass or land on a...
  • Duck Space: All players quack like a duck to cheer you on.
  • Clapping Hands Space: Everyone applauds to let you know what a good job you're doing.
  • If you land on a Barney space you move to the space in front of the leader.

When all players have made it to Barney's Balloon, everyone cheers, "HOORAY!". This product was also made with help from the Tonka Corporation.

Barney Jumbo Card Game
Barney Jumbo Card Game 1993 For a "stu-u-u-pendous" game of fun, it's Barney and Baby Bop...and you!
Barney is pretending and everybody's collecting matcing pairs of his pretending poses.
  • Two easy-to-play matching and memory games.
  • Jumbo-sized cards that are easy to hold.
  • Contents: Thirty-nine cards and one Instruction Card
Barney Sounds of Fun Electronic Talking Board Game 1993 Listen to Barney and Baby Bop, then use your imagination to pretend you are a frog, or "moo" like a cow.
Sounds of Fun 1993 TRUS Ad

1993 Toys 'R Us ad

Barney Picture Game 1993 The player must travel around the neighborhood matching colors and collecting photos of friends, Barney and Baby Bop.
Barney's Rainbow Egg Game 1998 Just like in the movie, the game starts at the barn, where a star had just delivered Twinken's Rainbow Egg. Each player spins and moves Barney on his way. When aayers lands on a "Find Me", they match pictures. On "Let's Pretend", players play-act, and at a "Rainbow Egg" space, they

toss Twinken's egg. Along the way, you'll be rewarded with Star Chips. Whoever collects the most wins.Game includes Barney figure, 3-piece gameboard, 7 "Let's Pretend" and 8 "Find Me" cards, 21 star chips, Twinken's Rainbow Egg, Spinner, and instructions.

Tiger Electronics[]

Tiger Electronics Ltd. is an American company that's best known for its handheld electronic games. Since 1998, the company has been a subsidiary of Hasbro.

Image Name Date Description
Barney's Learning Laptop
Barney's Learning Laptop 1999 Barney’s Learning Laptop was designed to be a preschooler’s first laptop! One which preschoolers can use to learn numbers, objects, colors, shapes and music. Who better to learn all of that with than their favorite purple dinosaur….. BARNEY!


Sing Your ABCs Smart Sticks
Sing Your ABCs Smart Sticks 1999 The Barney Sing Your ABC’s Smart Stick is a hand held electronic learning aid for preschoolers that helps teach the letters of the alphabet using the popular ABC song. Come learn and play with Barney!


Barney Telephone Fun Smart Sticks
Barney Telephone Fun Smart Sticks 1999 Barney’s Telephone Fun Smart Stick is a hand held electronic learning aid of preschoolers that helps teach children their home phone numbers and their emergency numbers. They can even call Baby Bop for added play!
Celebrate With Me Barney 2001 Celebrate With Me Barney is a hand held electronic learning aid for preschoolers that reinforces counting, number identification, and logic skills. Your child will also have fun with the “Happy Birthday" song.



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