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Hayley Greenbauer (born in Grapevine, TX) is an American former child actress who played Penny in Barney's Musical Castle.



Hayley Greenbauer is a versatile actress residing in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Grapevine, TX, Hayley grew up in the theater. With a natural gift for performing, she was immediately drawn to the stage. At age 6, she was picked up by a well-known agent in Dallas Texas. Acting was innate for Hayley and she booked several roles early on including a leading role in Barney's Musical Castle, a live international tour. This experienced forever changed Hayley. From this point on she knew her calling as an actress and continued on to study acting professionally.

Hayley moved to Southern California in 2009 to study theater and film at San Diego State University. Upon completing a Theater Arts degree, she moved to Los Angeles where she continued her studies under the tutelage of Lesly Kahn. She quickly signed with Q Talent Agency for commercial and print, and Linda McAlister for theatrical.

Since moving to LA, Hayley has become SAG eligible and has worked on a number of national commercials, independent films, and pilots.

She continues to be driven by the world of the arts and utilizes her life experiences and passions to continually find ways to push herself, grow and follow her heart.[1]


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