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Hilary Lee Kinzler (born July 27, 1985) is an American television producer. Her introduction and start to the television industry was as an intern for Barney & Friends. Working on Barney & Friends was her introduction to how television sets worked and how television shows were put together. She eventually became a kid wrangler for the series later on. Following her time on Barney & Friends, Kinzler has been a script supervisor and and eventually became a producer. She's produced shows such as Cake Wars and Guy's Grocery Games.

Hilary Kinzler and Barney

Hilary Kinzler and Barney.

Hilary Kinzler and Barney inside the caboose

Hilary Kinzler and Barney inside the caboose.


Barney & Friends[]


As a senior in high school (Fall 2002), Kinzler was required to find an internship or mentor in a field of study she wanted to major in for class. At the time, she was in theatre and wanted to attend Texas Tech University to major in theatre. Kinzler was unable to find an internship at the time, so she worked at a county club as a hostess. One of the members told her that she knew a producer for Barney & Friends, further emphasizing that they could possibly help her. Kinzler was hooked up with Steven G. McAffe and he offered her a paid internship in the art department of the series. While touring the studio and eventually stepping onto the set, Kinzler discovered that she no longer wanted to be in front of the camera, but work behind it. She changed her college major, where she went to college and what she did for a living. During her internship, the goal was to learn all the different positions. Alot of her job was doing returns for Barney & Friends. Susan Gaedke McGill was Kinzler's direct supervisor. One of Kinzler's favorite jobs to do during her internship was continuity with script supervising, but she would also shadow other people. Kinzler eventually left the series to go to college at The University of Texas at Austin.


After Kinzler finished college, she returned to Dallas, looking for production work. Brian Mack, a director for Barney & Friends, told Kinzler that he was looking for a child supervisor for the series. While she wanted to be a script supervisor, she became a child supervisor for the series. Her job required her to show up earlier than when the cast of children would arrive and she'd escort them to various places they'd need to go (such as hair/makeup and wardrobe). She'd also run lines with the kids as well.


Barney & Friends[]

NOTE: The credits above are the child supervising credits of Kinzler.


  • Kinzler has tried on the Barney costume.
  • Fred Holmes, a director for Barney & Friends wrote a recommendation on behalf of Kinzler for her to get into The University of Texas at Austin.[1]



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