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Barney News
  • On October 18th 2019, Mattel announced that a new Barney movie was in production with Daniel Kaluuya as producer.
  • After not being on television since 2015, Barney & Friends returned to television on December 17, 2018, airing on Universal Kids. The program ran a weekday marathon from 10am-1pm until the end of December and continued to air on a regular schedule until July 27, 2019.
  • Fisher-Price is once again producing Barney toys. Initially released in Target stores in January 2018, this line marks the first new Barney toys at major US retailers since 2012.
  • On October 5th 2015, 9 Story announced they were teaming up with Mattel for a Barney reboot, originally scheduled to air in 2017. The company, known for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, will produce it.
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