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I Can Do It! is a Barney Clip Show that was released on May 17, 2011.


Claire and Jade are blowing bubbles in the park when Barney and BJ appear. BJ notices the different sizes of the bubble wands, which leads to discussion about growing. Claire and Jade remark about how they are growing, which leaves him feeling jealous. BJ tells Barney that he has not seen any new spots appear on his tail, which is the way he could tell if he was growing. After telling him the story of Pandora's Box, Barney tries to convince BJ that there are many things he can do already by recalling moments from the past. Afterwards, the whole group celebrates growing up together.



  1. "Big and Little"
  2. "I Just Can't Wait" (Scene Taken from: "Fairy Tales")
  3. "Pop Goes the Weasel" (Scene Taken from: "Fairy Tales")
  4. "What a Big Mistake!" (Scene Taken from: "Fairy Tales")
  5. "Wishing Wishes"
  6. "The Clapping Song" (Scene Taken from: "Things I Can Do")
  7. "Growing" (Scene Taken from: "Things I Can Do")
  8. "By Myself" (Scene Taken from: "Things I Can Do")
  9. "The Baby Bop Hop" (Scene Taken from: "Things I Can Do")
  10. "Riding in a Race Car" (Scene Taken from: "On the Road Again")
  11. "A Rock N Roll Star" (Scene Taken from: "Let's Make Music!")
  12. "The Hopping Song" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do!")
  13. "I Can Do" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do!")
  14. "Alphabet Song" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do]")
  15. "You Might Like Something New" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do!")
  16. "Try and Try Again" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do!")
  17. "You've Got to Be You" (Scene Taken from: "Look What I Can Do!")
  18. "Growing Big and Tall"
  19. "I Love You"


Behind the Scenes


The ending Barney doll next to the plant.

  • Production for this video took place in late June/early July 2010.
  • The DVD case's back cover claims that portions of this video were taken from Movin' and Groovin' and The Best of Barney. However, none of the scenes on this video feature clips used in Movin' and Groovin. The only section that this video shares with The Best of Barney is the "Riding in a Race Car" song sequence.
  • Despite being credited, Lauren Mayeux (who normally plays Baby Bop) and Jerad Harris (who normally plays Riff), don't appear in the new content of this video.
  • Ever since some episodes of the 5th season, it was the first time that the "I Love You" song was played as an instrumental background music when the camera moves to the Barney doll after the kids leave.
  • Although the Barney Theme Song wasn't featured in this video, the opening silhouette is briefly seen before transitioning to the video's title card.


  • This video marks the only appearances of Claire and Jade.