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I Try To Be Polite is a song that only appeared in "A Splash Party, Please".


I can make a clap with my hands.
I can make a stomp with my feet.
I can make a cluck when I (clicks tonuge) my tonuge,
But I'm very quiet when I eat.
I can make a snap with my fingers.
I can make a tap with my toe.
I can make a snort when I (snorts) my nose,
But I eat very quietly you know.
I can make a click with my teeth.
Make a scary noise in the night. (Booo!)
I can make a whistle when I (whistles) my lips,
But when I eat, I try to be polite. (That's right)

Song Used In...

  1. A Splash Party, Please
  2. Barney's Best Manners (Episode Featured: A Splash Party, Please)
  3. Play and Learn with Barney (Episode Featured: A Splash Party, Please)