Imagination Island (book)
May 1994
Author Stephen White & Dennis DeShazer
Illustrator Jay B. Johnson
Publication date April 12, 1994
Publication Order
Preceded by
A Day with Barney
Followed by
Barney Says Please and Thank You

Imagination Island is a book that was released on April 12, 1994. It was written by Stephen White & Dennis Deshazer. It was illustrated by Jay B. Johnson. It was based off of the prime-time special, Barney's Imagination Island.


Based on the NBC prime time network special, which originally aired on television on April 24th, Barney's Imagination Island is a unique book that features specially adapted full-color art taken from actual scenes in the network special and includes Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and several of the familiar cast members from the Barney & Friends.



  • This is BJ's first book appearance.


Barney Books Promo

Barney Books Promo

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