Barney Wiki

The success of Barney & Friends has brought it to be translated into various languages. Whether the show is dubbed or an original production, Barney has made an impact on children all over the world.

Dubbed versions

  • Barney y Sus Amigos (Spanish)
  • Barney e Seus Amigos (Brazil)
  • Barney (Italian)
  • Bānī& furenzu (バーニー&フレンズ) (Japan)
  • بارني وأصدقاءه (Arabic)
  • Barney i Przyjaciele (Poland)
  • Barney und Seine Freunde (Germany)
  • Barney ja ystävät (Finland)
  • Barney et Ses Amis (French)
  • Barney e os seus amigos (Portugal)
  • Barney a jeho přátelé (Czech)
  • Барни и его друзья (Russia)
  • Barney şi Prietenii (Romania)
  • Barney & Zijn Vriendjes (Netherlands)
  • Barney és barátai (Hungary)
  • Μπάρνυ μ'αγαπάς (Greece)
  • บาร์นี่ พากย์ไทย ตอนที่ (Thailand)
  • החברים של ברני (Hebrew)
  • Barney ve Arkadaşları (Turkey)
  • Barni ne Shqip (Albania)

Original Co-productions

International Edits

When broadcasted outside the United States, some episodes of "Barney & Friends" were edited to make them shorter. This was done mainly by shortening some of the songs or removing some songs completely. Some small scenes would be cut as well. There were different ways in which the episodes were shortened :

On "PBS" in the United States and Canada, Seasons 1-14 were not made shorter. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, Seasons 1-3 were not made shorter (except for some episodes of Seasons 2 and 3 due to ad breaks), however, Seasons 4-6 and the Hit Entertainment version were all broadcasted with the international changes in these countries (including Canada on the Treehouse TV channel)