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Irene Corey Design Associates (ICDA) was a Dallas based costume design and fabrication workshop founded by world renowned theatrical costume and makeup designer, Irene Corey, along with her niece, Suzanne Lockridge.



After a lucrative career in theatrical costume and makeup design, and some years teaching at both Baylor University and Georgetown College[1], Irene Corey decided to open a new chapter in her career when she proposed opening a costume shop with her niece, Suzanne Lockridge. In 1983, the two pooled together their combined talent and each contributed $1,000[2] to form Irene Corey Design Associates.

The duo specialized in full body foam walk around costumes for theme parks, commercials, corporate mascots, television shows and theater companies. Given the nature of their costumes, the two were given the nickname of the Foam Ladies. In the early years many of their client orders were received via the Richards Group, a Dallas based national advertising firm.

Later Years[]

Irene retired in 1995, leaving Suzanne in charge of running the business. ICDA closed permanently in 2015 when Suzanne decided to retire.

Notable Works[]

In 1988 Sheryl Leach was put in touch with ICDA via the Richards Group. She was developing a children's video series that revolved around a purple tyrannosaurus-rex named Barney. Suzanne built the first Barney costume in 1988.[3]

ICDA built the Barney, Baby Bop and BJ costumes from the shows beginning up until the end of production in 2009.

Along with Barney, other notable costumed characters built in the ICDA workshop include the Chick-Fil-A cow,[2] Hershey's and Reese's bars for Hershey Park, the FireFox Fox, characters for Wiggles Live! and the corporate mascot for HP.



  • ICDA built over 100 Barney, Baby Bop and BJ costumes for The Lyons Group over the years.