Barney Songs
It's Twinkle Time
Debuted in Happy Holidays Love, Barney
Written by Angelo Natalie
Usage 1997, 2011
It's Snowing!
What Makes a Flower So Pretty?

"It's Twinkle Time" is an original Barney song that only appeared in Happy Holidays, Love Barney. It was later used in A Very Merry Christmas.


The Menorah of Hankkah,

The star on the Christmas tree,

The Kinara of Kwanzaa

Bring light so we can see.

It's twinkle time

Everywhere I go.

It's sparkling

The lights are all a-glow!

It's twinkle time

Like the stars in the sky at night.

Everything shines so bright

At this time of year.

It's twinkle time

Everybody knows

It's a special time

For our love to show.

It's twinkle time

All The lights make something clear,

This should last throughout the year.

Why can't twinkle time be all the time?

Like the stars in the sky at night

Everything shines so bright

Why can't twinkle time be all the time?

Why can't twinkle time

Be all the time?

Alternate Lyrics

When the song was used this in A Very Merry Christmas the beginning lyrics are changed to:

The candles in the window
The star on the Christmas tree
The fire in the fireplace
Bright lights so we can see. 
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