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Jeff is a character who appeared from Seasons 4-6 of Barney & Friends. He was portrayed by Austin Ball. Like Min, his family came from the Philippines.

Favorite Color: Blue

Family: Lives with his dad, mom, older brother and a cat named Tiger. Has many known aunts and uncles, especially his Aunt Milly and his Uncle Pete.

Favorite Hobbies: soccer


The following list are videos that show previous footage of the character.

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  2. Barney's Good, Clean Fun! / Barney's Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
  3. A to Z with Barney
  4. Barney's Pajama Party
  5. Barney's Rockin' Rhyme Time
  6. Barney's Dino Dancin' Tunes
  7. Barney's Valentine Adventure
  8. Barney's Summertime Fun
  9. Let's Go to the Beach!
  10. The Best of Barney
  11. Imagine with Barney
  12. Barney's Worldwide Adventure!


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