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Jeff is a character who appeared from Seasons 4-6 of Barney & Friends. He was portrayed by Austin Ball.

About Jeff[]

Favorite Color: Blue (which is also Hannah’s favorite color).

Family: He lives with his father, his big brother that joined a band and plays clarinet, and a cat named Tiger. He has many aunts and uncles. One of his uncles is named Pete and one of his aunts is named Milly. Like Min, Jeff's family came from the Philippines.

It is unknown what happened to his mother since he didn't mention her when talking about who he lives with in "You Are Special", although she was previously mentioned in "Good, Clean Fun!" and "Grandparents Are Grand". It may be because his parents could have divorced.

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer

Jeff's favorite instrument is the clarinet, as shown in "Barney's Band”. As shown in "You Are Special", Jeff learned and likes to skate with Barney's help.

Best Friends: Robert and Linda


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  • Keesha and Kim are present in both his first and final appearances.

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