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Jeffrey Charles Hood (born November 14, 1988 in South Korea[1]) is an American former child actor who played Danny on Barney & Friends from Seasons 4-6.

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey was adopted by Charles Hood and Sharon Opich-Hood at the age of five months old and was raised in Dallas, Texas.[2](3:47 mark of video) He has an older sister named Jolene who was also adopted.[3](2:36 mark of video)

Jeffrey attended Southern Methodist University from 2007-2011, where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration. From 2013-2014, he worked as a Showroom Manager at Alton Lane in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He then worked for Trunk Club from 2014-2019, for whom he served in various roles for; first in Dallas, Texas and later in New York City.[4]

Currently, Jeffrey is working as Director of Stylist Development at Garmentier in Dallas, Texas. He also runs a personal business, Jeff Hood Custom, which specializes in creating custom clothing for clients.

He married Allison Flynn in August 2019 and currently lives in New York City, New York.