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Jeremy Isaiah Becerra (born June 4, 1996 in Dallas, Texas) is an American actor who portrayed the role of Marcos from season eleven to twelve of Barney & Friends.

At the young age of 2 Jeremy began kids runway. Through out the years Jeremy acted in plays at Community theatre. Jeremy took acting classes at KD Studio in Dallas and Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film. In 2005 Jeremy was in his first Film alongside his father Abel Becerra. August Evening (2007)_ won the LA Film Festival Target award for Best Dramatic Feature Film and best actors ensemble. August Evening was the start of his Acting life. He has done several commercials and photo shoots. In 2006 he landed a lead role on Barney & Friends as Marcos. Also in 2006 Jeremy got to be on Prison Break(2005) Episode 21 (El Fin Del Camino). Jeremy also loves working behind the cameras as well. Jeremy plans on going to Film school at Full Sail University in Florida. Jeremy hopes to one day move to LA and land many more films, TV series or to Produce and edit his own films.[1]


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