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Jessica Marie Zucha (born on October 17, 1982 in Pasadena, Texas)[1] is a former American actress. At a young age, Zucha was an actress on the children's television series Barney & Friends and the preceding Barney & The Backyard Gang videos portraying as "Tina". Since her time on Barney & Friends, Zucha retired from acting.



Barney & The Backyard Gang

In 1987, Zucha auditioned in Dallas, Texas for Barney & The Backyard Gang. Zucha landed the role of "Tina" at the age of five.[2] Zucha portrayed "Tina" for all the Barney & the Backyard Gang videos.

Barney & Friends

After Barney & the Backyard Gang ended, the video series was spun into a television series titled Barney & Friends. Zucha continued to portray as "Tina" for the first two seasons of Barney & Friends and a guest appearance in the third season.

Personal Life


For her tenth birthday Zucha had a birthday party with the cast and crew of Barney & Friends during a lunch break.



Behind the scenes


  • In 1990, Zucha had a minor role in the film, Problem Child.



  • Some of Zucha's fondest memories from Barney include:
    • When Brian Eppes ("Michael") played with her Baby Alive toy!
    • When Leah Gloria ("Luci") and Lauren King ("Kathy") treated her to a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant.


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