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John David Bennett II (born November 6, 1984 in Purvis, Mississippi) is an American chef and former child actor. He currently works as a chef for Salt and Pepper Catering in Richardson, Texas. Prior to his occupation in cooking, he was best-known to have portrayed "Shawn" on the children's television series Barney & Friends

Following Bennett's role on Barney & Friends, he was the co-host of Mark's Web World, a series exploring websites. He also participated in "Showtime", his junior-high school performance choir.[1]


Barney & Friends[]

Like Pia Hamilton, John David Bennett II auditioned for Barney & Friends in the same year as her, and he eventually got into the role of Shawn. He appeared in a total of 45 episodes, making him the second most number of appearances in the first 3 seasons of Barney & Friends after Min.


Shawn 2001 BarneyOnline

John David Bennett on BarneyOnline's "Where Are They Now?" in 1999

He also attended a mini reunion on the Barney & Friends set in Las Colinas in Irving, Texas with a few cast members from the first three seasons. Bennett was filming the comedy movie Certain Guys at the time of the making of Sing And Dance With Barney. He was invited to appear in that video, but he declined.

Personal Life[]


For his seventh birthday, Bennett had a birthday party with the cast and crew of Barney & Friends during his first day of production.[2]



Behind the scenes[]