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John Marsden was a songwriter for the Barney franchise from 2004-2009

About John Marsden[]

John Marsden Productions is a full service audio & video production company that specializes in music and audio for television, film & theme park attractions. We also provide video production services with a specialization in live concert films. Our clients include Telltale Games, PBS's Barney & Friends, The Wiggles, Bob The Builder, Boeing, Roland, Cascade Microphones, McDonalds, Alton Towers, Dale Carnegie, ESPN, Sony/BMG, Blue Note, Great Wolf Lodges, Sea World and many more.


  1. We Like Trucks
  2. What an Adventure
  3. It's Time to Celebrate
  4. You Can Make Music with Anything
  5. Together, Together
  6. Living in the Fire House
  7. Just Can't Get Enough
  8. The Things I Want to Do
  9. Nobody Likes To Hear No!
  10. Many Ways to Say Friend
  11. Flowers


  • John Marsden was one of music arrangers for Barney's Musical Castle.
  • John Marsden did the music for the "Chinese Lion Dance" in "Big Brother Rusty: China" and the Flamenco Guitar Song" in "¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain".