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Joseph Kenneth Phillips (born August 7, 1959 in Wheaton, Illinois) is an American musical director, composer and songwriter. Phillips is the owner and Operator of Joe Phillips Productions. It was founded in 1996 in Dallas, Texas. Phillips was also a composer and instructor at Full Sail University (a private college in Orlando, Florida). One of Phillips' most known credits is being one the music directors for Barney & Friends.


Barney & Friends[]

While working across the street from Universal Studios Florida, a producer friend of Phillips asked him about doing the music for the then upcoming Barney attraction at Universal Studios Florida. Phillips put together some arrangements for Sheryl Leach and Dennis DeShazer, the creators of Barney & Friends, to listen to with them both approving it.

After doing the music for the attraction, Phillips was approached by Sloan Coleman to do the music for the tour of Barney's Big Surprise. Phillips (and his crew) mixed and edited the show while it was being rehearsed at the same time. After opening night of the tour, the producers approached him to do the music for Barney & Friends. Phillips was the music director of the show from season four until season fourteen.

Personal Life[]

Barney & Friends[]

During Barney & Friends, Phillips met Julie Hutchings, who was a producer on the show. Phillips and Hutchings got married on October 21, 2006.



  1. "Mr. Peekaboo"
  2. "Imagine a Place" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  3. "Puttin' On A Show" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  4. "I Just Can't Wait" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  5. "Sledding, Sledding" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  6. "Welcome to Our Treehouse" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  7. "Happy Birthday to Me" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  8. "We Are Little Robots"
  9. "A Hiking We Will Go" (co-written by Philip Parker)
  10. "Ten Little Pennies"
  11. "We're Sailing Out Over the Ocean"
  12. "It's a Fun, Fun Sunny Day!" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  13. "Why?" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  14. "The Adventure Song" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  15. "The Butter Song" (co-written by Stephen White)
  16. "Count the Stars"
  17. "I Love You (Extended Version)"
  18. "It's Halloween Night Tonight"
  19. "Toss It in a Window"
  20. "One, Two, You Know What To Do"
  21. "When I'm Old Enough to Join the Band" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  22. "This is the Day We Grow the Corn"
  23. "Little Honey Bees"
  24. "Being Together"
  25. "Knights' Dance"
  26. "Christmas Is Our Favorite Time Of Year"
  27. "Sharing Together"
  28. "The Land of Mother Goose"
  29. "Anything Can Happen"
  30. "Blue Jay Blues"
  31. "The Dino Dance"
  32. "A Rock N Roll Star"
  33. "Trying on Dreams"
  34. "Ten Little Meerkats"
  35. "Rock Like a Monkey"
  36. "Everybody Needs a Nap"
  37. "Barney's Hula Dance"
  38. "The Idea Song"
  39. "The Caboose Rides in the Back"
  40. "Up Is Up and Down Is Down"
  41. "Music Is For Everyone"
  42. "The Pudding Song" (co-written by Stephen White)
  43. "Swinging Up and Down"
  44. "My Very Cool House"
  45. "Dancing, Won't You Come and Join Me?"
  46. "We're Having a Party" (co-written by Tony Peugh)
  47. "Toss It Out a Window"
  48. "I Love Birthdays"
  49. "Where, Oh Where Has My Blankey Gone?"
  50. "Captain Pickles"
  51. "When I'm Old Enough to Join the Team"
  52. "The T Game"
  53. "If You Imagine"
  54. "Riding in a Race Car"
  55. "I Hear Music Everywhere"
  56. "Sing Your Song"
  57. "A Friend Like You"
  58. "Playing the Shapes"
  59. "If All the Snowflakes"
  60. "Paintin' Up and Down"
  61. "The Dance of the Dragon"
  62. "Fire Safety Medley"
  63. "Hurry, Hurry, Put the Suit On"
  64. "Country Music Star"
  65. "Down on Grandpa's Place"
  66. "Sing a Brand New Song"
  67. "The Wind"
  68. "The Parade Song"
  69. "Everybody Dance"
  70. "I Will Always Remember You"
  71. "Mr. Moon"
  72. "The Superhero Song"
  73. "I Look a Little Scary, But I'm Not"
  74. "Here We Go Again"
  75. "It's Party Time"
  76. "Boogie Woogie Piggy"
  77. "Where The Wind Takes Us"