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Katherine Lowell Pully (born August 7, 1992 in Harris, Texas) is a former American child actress who portrayed Beth in Seasons 7-8 of Barney & Friends and Polly in the Season 10 episode, "Mother Goose".




When attending an acting class over the summer, Pully was notified about an opening casting call for Barney & Friends. Pully's first audition was quite lengthy, with multiple rooms determining whether she was a good fit to proceed. The following day, Pully's parents came across an article in the newspaper about the auditions. Pully shared with them that she had moved from one room to another, just like the article described about kids who had the chance to progress further and receive a callback.

During her ninth birthday, Pully received a call to be notified that she booked the role of "Beth" on Barney & Friends.[1] Pully began portraying as Beth in the video Barney's Christmas Star.

Barney & Friends[]

After Barney's Christmas Star was filmed, season seven of Barney & Friends began production. Pully continued to portray "Beth" until season eight. Following her time on Barney & Friends, Pully was then asked to reprise her role in the tour of Barney's Colorful World! in 2003, but she ultimately declined. After her time on the show, Pully retired from acting but later returned to portray "Polly" in season ten of Barney & Friends, in the episode "Mother Goose".


Pully appeared on Purple Roads Podcast with Carey Stinson in May 2020.

Personal Life[]

Barney & Friends[]

Pully has pictures of herself being at Barney themed birthday parties.



Behind the scenes[]


  • Despite participating in Barney Camp before starting the show, Pully never had any vivid memory of it.