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Kimberly Audrey Sophia Kira "Kim" Brown is a character who appeared from Seasons 4-6 of Barney & Friends. She was portrayed by Erica Rhodes.

About Kim

  • Hobbies: Loves to sing, dance and act. 
  • Her favorite bear is a panda.
  • Her favorite vegetable is a carrot.
  • She can play baseball.
  • Her last name is Brown.[1]
  • She live with her parents, a older sister and an adopted baby brother. She also has a cousin that live in a wood house, her aunt and uncle are Jolie and Leo.
  • She is adopted.[2]




  • In Season 10, Erica Rhodes makes an appearance as a hip hop dancer in the episode "Dancing", although not credited as portraying Kim. Erica also made an appearance in the home video Let's Make Music as a dancer.

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