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Kina Delynne Bale-Reed (born in September 19, 1975 in Big Lake, Texas) is a casting director and the owner of Cast-O-Matic, a full service casting company in the Dallas and Texas area that was launched in 2007. In the same year that Cast-O-Matic was launched, Bale-Reed began working on Barney & Friends, involved in the casting process and eventually became the casting director.


Barney & Friends[]

In Fall 2007, Bale-Reed interviewed with the producers of Barney & Friends. During season twelve of the series, Bale-Reed only casted extras for that season due to coming into the show after the main children's cast was implemented. Her first overcasting as a whole began with season thirteen of Barney & Friends. During her time with Barney & Friends, Bale-Reed would cast the regular kid talent of the show, specialty talent and guest talent. Bale-Reed worked on Barney & Friends until the fourteenth season when production shut down afterwards.[1][2] Due to working on Barney & Friends, it helped Bale-Reed launch her casting career.




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