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Kyle Nelson (born July 2, 1978) is best known as a costume performer for BJ from 1997 to 2009. He first portrayed the role in Barney's Big Surprise and made his final appearance in the role in the video A-Counting We Will Go.


Barney & Friends

Nelson would attend 'Little People' Conventions every summer around July. Jennifer Romano, a costume performer of Baby Bop, told Nelson to try out for the character of BJ for the tour of Barney's Big Surprise, as one of the previous actors, Mike Hagan, was leaving the tour.[1] Nelson agreed and gave her information but did not think much of it.

Three days later after the convention and flying back up to North Dakota, Nelson receives a call from Lynn Corzine, who was the tour coordinator for Barney's Big Surprise and tells Nelson that they would like to fly him down to Texas to audition for the role of BJ. 

Nelson auditioned along with two others in the room who were a little taller. He auditioned in front of David Cobb, Penny Wilson, and Sloan Coleman, following the music and choreography.[2]

Getting the role to perform as BJ in Barney's Big Surprise at the age of nineteen, Nelson would later perform as BJ in Barney's Musical Castle and later move onto the series first starting first doing Barney's Dino Dancin' Tunes and making his season debut in season seven and last performing in the video A-Counting We Will Go.

Personal Life


Kyle proposed to Jill Nelson during the tour of Barney's Musical Castle in Wheeling, West Virigina. Jill was a costume performer of Baby Bop during the tour. Kyle and Jill got married in August 2000 during the tour.