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Lauren Elizabeth Mayeux (born October 24, 1985) is an American actress who is known for playing Baby Bop. She started in 2008 during the production of Barney & Friends' thirteenth season, and continued on the series until 2011, portraying the character for the new content of the fourteenth season and in live appearances. After doing the television series, she would continue to portray as Baby Bop in A Day in the Park with Barney.


Barney & Friends

Lauren began her experience with the Barney series, performing in A Day in the Park with Barney, portraying Baby Bop in the famed attraction. A year after she started, she received notice that the television series was looking for a new actor to portray the young green dino. They flew her out to Dallas a couple of times for auditions, and she ended up getting the role. In order for her to get into the character of Baby Bop, Lauren watched several Barney episodes and videos.

Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash

Lauren, along with the rest of the Barney cast, was in between filming seasons in early 2010 and had no clue if and when they were going to film more material. While doing various acting gigs, she had heard rumors of a new Barney tour being produced by VEE Corporation, along with HIT. She was going to NYC to audition for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, but the day before she flew out, she came across an audition notice for the Barney show and stayed in town an extra day to audition.[1]

Personal Life

Lauren graduated with a BA in digital media from the University of Central Florida in 2006. She would later pursue getting her AS in Entertainment Design & Production at Valencia College in 2019.[2]


Barney & Friends

  1. Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico
  2. Big Brother, Rusty: China
  3. ¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain
  4. Sweeter Than Candy: Greece
  5. Bonjour, Barney!: France
  6. Home Sweet Earth: The Rainforest

Barney Home Videos

  1. Let's Go on Vacation
  2. Barney's Jungle Friends
  3. Let's Play Outside
  4. A-Counting We Will Go
  5. A Very Merry Christmas
  6. I Love My Friends

Live Shows

  1. A Day in the Park with Barney
  2. Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash!


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