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Lee Anne Bernstein (née Rogers; born August 4, 1953)[1] is a published author and a tech editor. Bernstein also penned the lyrics to the song, "I Love You" which has been used in most media for the television show Barney & Friends.  


Bernstein has written for eBay, New England Antiques Journal, Hungry Minds Press, Wiley, SoHo Publishing (Knit Simple), and more. Currently, she manages a financial institution in Merrillville, Indiana. Bernstein is also an accomplished knitter.

Personal Life

Berstein currently resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is married to Howard Bernstein and have two children, Elizabeth and Michelle.[2]


  • The lyrics to "I Love You" as Lee Bernstein had originally written for Piggyback Songs differ slightly from that used in any Barney media, having only one verse that is most similar to the first verse of the Backyard Gang version, except the third and fourth lines are, "Here's a great big kiss and a hug from me to you."[3]