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"Let's Go For A Ride!" is the sixteenth episode from the eighth season of Barney & Friends.


Mario and BJ enjoy playing with their special toy cars in the park. After a pretend ride in Barney’s pretend car, the kids and BJ have fun playing with some toy vehicles in the caboose. Mario has a great idea for making their very own city bus out of the large boxes outside the tool shed. They drive it around a pretend neighborhood in the park where Barney and BJ have some surprises in store for them. Jackson arrives in his red pedal car and joins in the fun. Going for a ride has never been so much fun before!


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Riding in the Car"
  3. "Look Both Ways"
  4. "Bumpin' Up and Down"
  5. "The More We Work Together"
  6. "The Wheels on the Bus"
  7. "The Library"
  8. "The Wheels on the Bus (Reprise #1)"
  9. "Wash the Car"
  10. "The Wheels on the Bus (Reprise #2/Finale)"
  11. "Icy, Creamy Ice Cream"
  12. "I Love You"



Prior to original US air date, this episode first aired in Germany in December 2003.

Home media

This episode (packaged with the season seven episode, "A Parade of Bikes") was released on DVD and VCD, Let's Go for a Ride, in Asia regions.




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