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Quotation1 I like hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. Quotation2
Linda to Jeff in A Sunny, Snowy Day

Linda Davis is a character who appeared in Seasons 5-6 of Barney & Friends. She was portrayed Adrianne Cox (credited as “Kangas”, her maiden name). Linda is Chip's younger sister.

About Linda[]

  • Linda lives with her mom, her elder brother, Chip, and their dog. She also has a grandmother.
  • Linda's name means pretty.
  • Best Friends: Jeff, Hannah and Emily
  • Her hobbies are singing, dancing, cloud watching, making mud pies, and finger painting.
  • She has a teddy bear.
  • She is afraid of the dark, as revealed in Sing And Dance With Barney.
  • Her favorite color is pink (which is also Hannah, Mei and Jill’s favorite color).
  • Her favorite song is Me and My Teddy.
  • She loves to spend time with her big brother, Chip.
  • She loves flowers.
  • Her favorite drink is hot chocolate.
  • Her favorite season is summer.
  • Her favorite game is The N Game.




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