This page is for several of the Barney toys that are or were available to purchase at stores and select retailers.


Image Name Date Company Description
Backyard Gang Barney Plush 1990 Dakin One of the earliest Barney plush toys after a demand for them.


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney Balloon Race Board Game 1993 Parker Brothers and Tonka Corporation

Players race across the board to join Barney the Dinosaur in his hot-air balloon and go for a ride. If you pass or land on a...

Duck Space: All players quack like a duck to cheer you on.

Clapping Hands Space: Everyone applauds to let you know what a good job you're doing.

If you land on a Barney space you move to the space in front of the leader. When all players have made it to Barney's Balloon, everyone cheers, "HOORAY!".

Barney Sounds of Fun Electronic Talking Board Game 1993 Parker Brothers Listen to Barney and Baby Bop, then use your imagination to pretend you are a frog, or "moo" like a cow.
Barney Memory Game 1993 Milton Bradley Find the most pairs of matching pictures of Barney & his friends.
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Talk'n Dress Baby Bop 1993 Playskool Talk'n Dress Baby Bop is a soft cuddly friend who says seven different

special phrases. To hear a phrase, simply squeeze or hug Baby Bop's tummy!

Talking Barney 1993 Playskool Talking Barney was one of the first talking Barney plushes to be released. It was a bestseller that holiday season.
Barney Talking Phone 1993 Playskool The Barney Talking Phone was one of many toy phones to be released with Barney theming. This phone is equipped with eight sayings from Barney and Baby Bop.
Barney Picture Game 1993 Parker Brothers The player must travel around the neighborhood matching colors and collecting photos of friends Barney and Baby Bop.


Image Name Date Company Description
ActiMates September 1997 Microsoft ActiMates Barney (formally Microsoft ActiMates Interactive Barney) is an interactive plush toy that can connect to your TV, PC or be a standalone toy.
Movin' Fun Airplane 1997 Playskool Prepare for take off with your favorite purple pal!
Twinken™, the dream maker 1997 Playskool He's here to help you see your dreams more clearly!


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney Song Magic Banjo July 15, 1998 Playskool Your little one can

press 1 of the 2 buttons then wave his or her hand in the center of the banjo to "play" along to favorite children's songs.  Some songs included are "Old MacDonald", "Bingo" and the Barney theme song.

Barney's Rainbow Egg Game 1998 Parker Brothers Just like in the movie, the game starts at the barn, where a star had just delivered Twinken's Rainbow Egg. Each player spins and moves Barney on his way. When aayers lands on a "Find Me", they match pictures. On "Let's Pretend", players play-act, and at a "Rainbow Egg" space, they

toss Twinken's egg. Along the way, you'll be rewarded with Star Chips. Whoever collects the most wins.Game includes Barney figure, 3-piece gameboard, 7 "Let's Pretend" and 8 "Find Me" cards, 21 star chips, Twinken's Rainbow Egg, Spinner, and instructions.

Play Along Barney Box
Play Along Barney 1998 Playskool Barney plays and sings along, and has three different stages for a learning child.


Image Name Date Company Description
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Sing 'N Strum Barney 1999 Playskool Sing 'n Strum Barney is a doll in which Barney plays the banjo. Simply

press the musical note on his banjo and Barney starts to sing while his right arm strums on the string-less banjo. He has eight different songs in his repertoire.


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney First Fishing Game 2000 Milton Bradley This game is similar to "Hungry Hungry Hippos". The game features a plastic "pond" with paddle triggers for each player. Players begin hitting their paddles making the fish wiggle and flop in the air, trying to get their color fish to land in their area.
e-Specially My Barney 2000 Playskool Upon accessing the website, this Barney plush can download content like activities, songs, and stories directly from the internet.


Image Name Date Company Description
Silly Hats Barney 2001 Fisher-Price and HIT Entertainment Singing fun with your friend Barney and his silly hats! Move Barney's

hat round to either a farmer's hat or a bus driver's hat or a firefighter's hat, and he will sing you a song to match it. Press Barney's hand for fun phrases and music!



Image Name Date Company Description
Best Manners Phone 2002 Fisher-Price / HIT Entertainment Barney’s Best Manners Phone is a musical phone

that encourages polite phone behavior and etiquette through special Barney messages that are reinforced through fun SFX, Melodies and a Surprise light up action. Barney will teach children one of his ten-safety/etiquette tips for phone usage. There is also a melody button to get a melody whenever pressed.

This toy would later get rebooted in 2018.

Barney Move 'N Groove Dance Mat 2002 Fisher-Price Watch your little ones bust a move with this Barney Move 'n Groove Dance

Mat. Choose a disco, latin or rock beat and dance as Barney talks, dances along and spins. Kids can add fun sounds and phrases by stepping on the footprints and icons on the mat. Includes a keyboard that lets kids create their own tunes. Soft Barney figure is removable for separate play.

Clean-Up Shapes Truck 2002 Fisher-Price and HIT Entertainment It’s time for clean-up & shape sortin’ fun with Barney! Children can roll the truck over the shapes to watch as it magically “cleans” them up or they can sort the shapes correctly and hear Barney identify them. For added fun, children can play a quiz game with Barney where he will ask them to find a specific shape. The Clean-up Song” plays while the truck rolls along or when Barney is pressed down. The toy was discontinued in 2004.
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Inflatable Big 'n Silly Piano 2002 Fisher-Price and HIT Entertainment A big piano for big fun! Tap for tunes and silly sounds! It includes 6 songs, piano sounds and character phrases.

Ways to Play:

  1. Press pedal once: tap piano to play along to 6 tunes
  2. Press pedal again to create your tunes with fun piano riffs!


Image Name Date Company Description
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Bathtime Park Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ 2003 Fisher-Price and HIT Entertainment They are plush bathtime buddies for fun in the tub! They are about 9 inches tall, and are machine washable & dryer safe. Convenient loop for easy drying.


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney-super-singing-cd-player-mattel 1 63dd1e5f2c64b334f109ebb77d68ea23
Barney's Super Singing CD Player 2004 Fisher-Price / Mattel Barney’s Super Singing CD Player is a musical

toy that plays up to three toy CDs at a time. The child can load a CD and hear the songs on that specific disc. The child will press a numbered “ disk “ button and the disks will spin as the CD plays. Lights will travel up and down the vertical lenses in time to the music.All three CDs will spin if loaded together. The light in the center of the CD hub will flash in time with the music so the child knows that particular CD is in play.There are five CDs, each one containing 2 sung songs in Barney’s voice for a total of 10 songs

Barney Musical Parade Game 2004 Fisher-Price Players roll an oversized die and move to the next space with a matching shape in this game. The die is electronic and plays "I Love You".


Image Name Date Company Description
My First Barney Fall 2005 Golden Bear and HIT Entertainment Your Child's first friend should be a friend for life, and Barney will be! This soft and cuddly companion will be in your child's heart forever.
Sing N' Wiggle Baby Barney 2005 Fisher-Price Sing n Wiggle Baby Barney is an adorable baby version of everyone's favorite purple dinosaur that sings and moves in sync to the lyrics of 5 songs, all in a cute baby voice. Sing n Wiggle moves his arms, feet and head in coordination to the words of the following songs: Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, If Your Happy &

You Know It, plus three others. Sing n Wiggle also says multiple fun phrases and comes dressed in a dino-diaper and baby T.


Image Name Date Company Description
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Dance & Play Singing Riff Fall 2007 Jakks Pacific Dance & Play Singing Riff is a feature plush that sings 1 song and

shakes his maracas to the music. When his tummy is pressed, Riff will shake the maracas up and down, say a phrase, and then sing. This toy was released in honor of Barney's 20th Anniversary.

20th Anniversary Sing and Celebrate Barney Fall 2007 Jakks Pacific This Barney plush lights up and sings. This toy was released in honor of Barney's 20th Anniversary.
Barney Deluxe Schoolhouse Playset 2007 Charter Limited This highly detailed Schoolhouse Playset comes complete with Barney, BJ,

Baby Bop and Riff figures plus furniture! The Schoolhouse Playset folds out to create the interior of Barney's Schoolhouse right down to the last little detail. The folding mechanism means it can be opened right up; then easily folded away to become portable.


Image Name Date Company Description
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Barney & Friends Funfair Playset January 6, 2008 Character Options
  • Fun at the Fair with Barney and Friends!
  • Includes: 1 Spinning Big Wheel, 4 Character figurines, 2 animals and 4 bunches of balloons.
  • Hours of imaginative play for Barney fans.
  • Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Riff plus Elephant and Show Horse.This toy was specifically released in the UK.
Let's Go Laptop 2008 Jakks Pacific The Let's Go Laptop introduces and familiarizes preschoolers with environments, numbers, shapes and colors. The laptop has 10 number buttons and five color/shape buttons. There are three cards with a different scene on each side for a total of six scenes. When the Barney-shaped button is pressed, Barney will ask a question about color, shapes and number that corresponds to the particular scene that has been selected.
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Let's Go to the Zoo Board Game 2008 The Canadian Group and HIT Entertainment Barney and his friends are going to the zoo for a roaring good time! Be the first player to visit all the animals at the zoo and WIN!


Image Name Date Company Description
Bilingual Space Camp Laptop 2009 Starlight / HIT Entertainment
  • Real moving Barney character dances to music
  • Create, record and playback your own music
  • Folding laptop type for easier portability
  • 20 Activities are featured, including a Tic-Tac-Toe game and Barney's Jukebox where the player can play a Barney song.


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney Pillow Pet 2011 CJ Products A more uncommon Barney product that was released as a special edition in limited quantities.


Image Name Date Company Description
Barney Buddies Early January 2018 Fisher-Price Cuddle, hug, and take them anywhere! Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ-those

beloved Barney and Friends dinosaurs-are now adorable figures that kids can nap with, play with, and cuddle! These soft 7.5"plush figures are adorable characters that kids (and their parents!) know and love. So sweet and soft, they'll warm your heart. Collect all three and have countless hours of fun with Barney Buddies !

I Love You Barney and Baby Bop Early January 2018 Fisher-Price Much like the previous releases, the characters sing the titular song when squeezed or hugged.
Speak 'n Sing Jumbo Barney Early January 2018 Fisher-Price When Barney's foot is squeezed, he says nineteen phrases and sings "I Love You".
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Barney and Friends Best Manners Phone Between February 1-5, 2018 Fisher-Price Let's practice phone manners! Barney, that beloved purple dinosaur, is

ready to teach kids how to be polite and kind on the phone! Barney's mouth lights up as he speaks and teaches children to answer the phone politely and speak kindly. He also offers phone safety tips and sings songs! Phone plays four tunes and speaks 27 phrases. With the Best Manners Phone, kids will have fun while they're learning wonderful phone etiquette!

This toy is a rebooted version of the 2002 release.

  • Barney Police Hat
  • Barney Chef Hat
  • Barney Train Conductor Hat
Career Barney Toys and Hats July 2018 Fisher-Price Now kids can join Barney and try on different career hats to become a chef, police officer, or train conductor!  Soft Barney figures come in 12" plush, delightfully costumed in in the garb of three professions. Each of these career figures (sold separately) also comes with a hat for kids to wear, so they can play out their favorite career with their favorite dinosaur! Your child can be a chef and cook up some fun. Or become a train conductor and be the boss of the rails. Or a police officer to protect and serve! Always with Barney, the best partner on the job. Each sold separately, subject to availability.
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