Megan is a character who first appeared in Season 11 of Barney & Friends. She was played by Lacy Cavalier.

About Megan

According to the new content of Barney's Animal ABC's, she owns a dog named "Gracie". She is also part of a scouting club with Mei and Victor, as shown in the new content of Hi! I'm Riff!.


Season 11

  1. Little Red Rockin' Hood (first appearance)

    Megan in The Chase

  2. The Chase
  3. Dream Big
  4. BJ The Great
  5. A Visit to Santa

Season 14

  1. Little Red Rockin' Hood
  2. The Chase

Home Videos

  1. Barney's Animal ABC's
  2. Hi! I'm Riff! (Last Appearance)